At Burge Painting Company, we provide top-level professional grade interior & exterior painting services to any home or business.  However, what differentiates us from other house painting companies is our dedication to customer experience.

We believe that a great paint job means more than a new coat of paint.  A great paint job starts with the first impression through final sign off.  This means that we treat all of our clients with honesty and courtesy, approach each job with professionalism and passion, and treat your home or business with the same respect & care as if it was our own.



Burge Painting Company is owned and operated by two brothers, Kevin & Dennis.  The Burge brothers bring a distinctive balance to the company through their unique perspectives & skillsets; however, one of the many things they share is their love for transforming a space to exceed the expectation of their clients.

Well…that and their love for baseball (both played competitively through College), competitiveness, and obsession with Philly sports.

Kevin Burge is the founding member and co-owner of Burge Painting Company.  A 10+ year veteran of the painting industry, Kevin graduated from Central Bucks HS South where he went on to attend La Salle University.  During his time at La Salle he began painting houses on the side, and that side job quickly became his passion.  Kevin left La Salle to pursue the goal of owning his own business, which accomplished in 2012 with the opening of Burge Painting.

From 2012 to 2018, Kevin was a one-man show at the helm, taking Burge Painting from a job-by-job operation to an efficient, process-driven organization with a growing base of loyal, happy customers.

Dennis Burge is the other owner and wiser, older brother to Kevin.  Dennis attended Central Bucks HS West where he also went on to attend La Salle University.  Dennis graduated from La Salle with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and MBA in Finance.  During his Master’s program, Dennis found his interest in painting while working full-time to help pay for tuition. However at the conclusion of school, he pursed his degree and went on to work in Marketing for a software start-up for 6+ years.

During that time the passion for painting never disappeared, and in 2018 he coupled that along with his business and marketing experience and joined forces with Kevin to create the company that exists today.

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