Cabinet Painting Services

Give your existing cabinets that much needed update!

Are you looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, but on the fence about taking on the expense and stress of a full rip & replace? Cabinet painting is one of the most effective ways to accomplish your goal at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

Whether you’re a new home buyer tacking the first project on the “fixer upper” list, in need of an update due to the natural wear and tear that comes with daily use, or just in need of a change cosmetically – our comprehensive cabinet refinishing service can handle cabinets of all shapes, sizes, and materials.


The benefits of “refacing” over replacing

While you may think that a kitchen or bathroom remodel requires “brand new” cabinets & vanities, here are 5 solid benefits to just revitalizing your existing cabinetry rather than full replacement:


While a quality cabinet refinish job is not cheap - after labor (demo & new installation) & the cost of the new cabinets themselves - it is substantially less expensive than a full rip & replace


Is being without a kitchen a deterrent? When refinishing, you can continue to use your kitchen or bathroom over the course of the project - you don't even need to empty cabinets!


A full replacement could have your kitchen out of commission for weeks to months with order delays. With our process - majority of standard kitchen projects take only one week!


Choosing to paint your cabinets gives you more control over custom colors and sheens. Factory cabinets are limited, but with painting the color you pick is the color you get


Factory cabinets are durable, but they may still deteriorate with moisture or heat depending on quality - we paint with high quality paints formulated to create a hard, durable shell.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We can paint or refinish just about any cabinet material

Our meticulous cabinet refinishing process covers everything from disassembling, fully cleaning & sanding/smoothing, to priming, painting & reassembling. We only use products specifically formulated for cabinetry, so your kitchen cabinets maintain the durability and appeal from the day we finish for years to come!

Our standard cabinet painting & refinishing services include:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities Shelving
  • Built-ins, Furniture, etc.
  • Solid Wood Cabinets
  • (MDF) Fiberboard / Particleboard
  • Plastic Laminate / Melamine
  • Thermofoil, UV / Acrylic Panels


We also offer add-on cabinet services that can take your cabinet project to the next level!

Brand New hardware installation

Multi-color / accent Color options

Remove Wood Grain (High Prep) 

Spray Cabinet Frame

(requires cabinets to be covered for duration)

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Our process driven approach to cabinet refinishing increases efficiency & quality


Determine & Communicate Approach

Depending on the surface of your cabinets & the expectations of the finish – we customize our approach to meet your needs. Prior to getting underway, we make sure to communicate our plan & how (if at all) that impacts your lifestyle during the project, timeline expectations, & products that will be used on your cabinets.


Day 1: Prepare Workspace & Disassemble Cabinets

Once the floor and countertops are covered, all removable cabinet doors & drawer faces are disassembled and labeled in coordination with their spot on the frame. The hardware is also removed and stored within corresponding cabinet/drawer.

  • Remove cabinet doors / drawer faces and label numerically from left to right.
  • Remove hardware (hinges, knobs, etc.) & store inside corresponding cabinet/drawer spot.
  • Tape frame line to prevent paint from getting on inner walls, shelves, etc.


Day 1: Clean/Degrease & Transport Cabinets & Drawers

Due to daily use – cabinets have grime & dirt build-up from being touched. This dirt and grime prevent paint adhesion if not dealt with. Once clean we transport to our shop in Ambler, PA where we do our cabinet painting.

  • Degrease doors, drawers, and frame with cleaning solution (TSP/warm water combo) & scotch pad.
  • Set up doors and drawer faces to spray at off-site spray booth.
  • Allow adequate drying time (overnight)


Day 2: Sand & Prime (Coat 1)

Once the cleaning solution has dried (usually overnight) – we lightly sand with a low grit paper to remove any rough edges & apply our primer coat to maximize adhesion & durability.

  • Lightly “rough up” all surfaces with 180-220 grit sandpaper to promote adhesion & smooth any raised grain / rough areas (not required on plastic laminate or thermofoil)
  • Wipe down with tack cloth to remove all dust
  • Apply primer (spray doors & drawer faces / brush/roll frame w/ fine nap roller)
  • Allow to cure & harden overnight


Day 3: Prep & 1st Coat of Finish (Coat 2)

Once the primer has dried – we have a better view into what areas may require some additional attention. Usually, nail holes and cracks appear more visible in the frame as well as thick wood grain in the doors.

  • Caulk & Putty all unfilled cracks and nail holes in frame
  • Apply lightweight spackle compound to dings & dents
  • (If needed) Spackle wood grain
  • Repeat Phase 3 w/ Finish Cabinet Paint
    • Lightly sand all surfaces & prep spots and wipe down with tack cloth
    • Apply 1st coat of finish paint
    • Allow to cure & harden overnight


Day 4: Finish Coat (Coat 3)

At minimum – all of our cabinet painting projects require a minimum of 3 total coats (1 primer / 2 finish). If this coat does not properly cover – repeat this step until the desired finish is achieved.

  • Lightly sand any remaining rough areas or debris that may have touched the wet paint
  • Wipe down with tack cloth to remove all dust
  • Apply consistent finish coat to enhance paint leveling and coat consistency
  • Allow to cure & harden overnight (darker paints may require additional cure time)


Day 5: Reassemble Cabinets & Touch-up

The final phase once the paint has fully cured is to securely return the doors and drawers and reassemble. We can reinstall existing hardware or even install brand new hardware if desired.

  • Safely wrap up doors & drawer faces in bubble wrap and transport back to jobsite
  • One by one – re-install hinges on each door (or install new hinges if required) & hang in corresponding spot
  • Install brand new bumpers on inside of doors and drawers
  • Re-install knobs (or install new knobs if required)
  • Remove all tape, plastic, paper, and drops from the kitchen
  • Vacuum & wipe down the dust from floor & countertops
  • Touch-up any remaining areas near hinges that may need it


Final Walkthrough & Sign-off

No cabinet refinishing job is complete without approval from the client. If the homeowner is available, we perform a step-by-step walkthrough of the job according to the estimate – and address any oversights on the slim chance there are any. We make sure not to let anything slip through the cracks or cut any corners.

Let us take on your cabinet refinishing project!

You’ve seen our process and services – now reach out for a an estimate to tackle that cabinet painting project that you’ve been wanting to do!