Deck Staining

Maintain & Protect Your Exterior & Interior Wood Surfaces

Do the elements of a Northeast climate have your deck seeing better days? Deck staining is essential to keep your exterior not only beautiful but also healthy

Wood staining is essential to ensure that your wood décor remains protected & beautiful. We’ll stain and seal your brand-new staircase, trim, beams, or deck. Or, we can strip or sand down existing finishes to give older wood a brand new look.

Additionally, there is more than one approach when thinking about staining or refinishing your wood décor. Our trained team will make sure to go over all of the options from natural stain, to gel stain, etc. and the differences in each so you can be sure that the approach you are taking matches the idea in your head!

Exterior Wood & Deck Staining (Natural / Solid Stain)

Exterior Wood Surface Waterproofing & Sealing

Interior Staining (Stairs / Beams / Trim / etc.)

Custom Cabinet Staining / Vanity Staining

Weathered Wood Repair

Paint Stripping & Staining

Exterior Wood & Deck Staining

Keep your deck looking brand new

If you have a deck, it is essential to perform regular maintenance due to the constant exposure to moisture, sun, and varying temperatures. A brand-new deck is a beautiful thing but neglecting it for too long can result in issues like fading, paint peeling, or even rotting wood. Our deck staining and refinishing service can help you protect your new deck or bring your existing deck back to its original beauty.

Our deck staining services cover everything from unstained wood, fading clear or solid stain, & painted decks. For each type we perform our extensive process to clean the surface, chip any loose paint (if applicable) and sand down. Additionally, if there is any wood rot or deterioration – we can repair or replace to maintain the structural integrity and safety of your deck.

Lastly, we are experienced in several deck styles and finishes. Whether you are looking to freshen up the previous coat of natural oil stain, Go with a coat of solid stain or deck paint, or a combination of the two (i.e. painted railings, & natural wood floor), we use high quality products that will enhance the beauty and durability of your deck for years to come.

Interior Natural Staining & Gel Staining

Bring out the natural beauty in your interior wood décor

We also provide interior wood staining services to new wood accents like exposed beams, stairs, trim, etc. Or, we can refinish old or worn stained wood inside your home to re-energize the look or to match new wood additions.

In addition to standard staining services – we also offer our meticulous gel staining service as a unique alternative to traditional oil stain. Refinishing an existing stained surface with traditional oil stain requires a substantial amount time & effort to sand to bare wood – gel stain can adhere to previously stained surfaces with a less intrusive process and the same great results!

Lastly – we also offer paint stripping services to expose natural wood that may have been hidden with paint over the years. Let us bring out the beauty of your interior wood surfaces with one of our professional wood staining services.

See for yourself!

Here are some before and after’s of our wood staining projects!
painting companies blue bellgel stained stairwell
solid stain deck beforepainting companies ambler
interior bookcase beforeinterior bookcase after
prep porch beforeprep porch after
deck stain beforedeck stain after
barn stain beforebarn stain after

Let us take on your deck staining project!

Reach out for a an estimate to tackle that wood staining project that you’ve been wanting to do!